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Founded in 1965 after the merging of Shinkawa Kogyo and Aichi Kogyo, Aisin Seiki has emerged as a leading comprehensive auto parts manufacturer that is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Over time, the business has grown into a network of subsidiaries and affiliates involved in different aspects of the automobile sector. The company's guiding philosophy is "Quality First" which has enabled it to gain a reputation for producing attractive products that cater for the diverse tastes of customers everywhere. From drivetrains and cooling systems to brakes and chassis systems, Aisin's product range encompasses almost all aspects of driving, thus underlining its significant position in the car components industry.

Aisin continues to cling onto its commitment towards quality and innovation by utilizing its various technologies to come up with new value-added creations. The firm's emphasis on reliability testing and established production techniques ensures superior quality as well as performance throughout their ranges of products. Besides, Aisin is broadening its scope into lifestyle and energy segments thus aiming at enhancing lives of clients beyond auto industry. Moreover, Aisin supports society-environmental harmony through acts that build communities while conserving resources. In the future, Aisin aims at increasing its contribution to automotive societies worldwide through collaboration with various affiliates and subsidiaries thus raising global living standards while transforming itself into an indispensable stakeholder partner worldwide.

Here at, we are your go-to source for high-quality auto parts, offering a wide selection of Aisin parts from Vehicle Speed Sensors to Water Pump. Ready to refresh your car now? Just punch in your ride's details-year, make, model-into our vehicle selector and take advantage of our comprehensive catalog for Aisin parts only. Plus, you can use our VIN lookup tool to get your vehicle's specifications and find the exact part you need. Choose to get your car back to peak performance at competitive prices and enjoy your shopping with the help of our experienced service team. With everything in stock and our dealers all over the country, you'll have your orders delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible!

Product Lines

Aisin has a wide range of top-quality products that helps to improve vehicle performance and increase their life span in the automobile industry. Their product lines cater to the complex needs of global car manufacturers through innovative and dependable solutions, highlighting their commitment to quality and technological advancement.

Clutch Disc Assembly Uses advanced materials and designs to enhance longevity and promote smoother engagement.
Clutch Cover Assembly Enhances wear resistance and improves clutch release performance.
Engine Related Water and oil pumps that are highly durable and cool efficiently.
Fan Blade & Fan Clutch Crucial for vehicle cooling, designed to OE specifications.
Hydraulic Belt Tensioner & Timing Chain Cover Ensures optimal belt tension and streamlines replacement.
Fan Pulley Bracket Vital for fan clutch assembly mounting, with wear indicators.
Chassis Related Includes stabilizer links and clutch sets for enhanced driving comfort and reliability.
Torque Master & Clutch Hydraulics High-performance clutches and reliable hydraulic components.
Drivetrain Related Features free wheel hubs and flywheel dampers for improved drivetrain function.