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Spectra Premium products at AutoPartsPrime
Spectra Premium

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Spectra Premium Auto Parts

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About Spectra Premium

This was established in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada in 1989. Spectra Premium Industries has enlarged itself as a large scale producer and distributor of best quality fuel and cooling system components since then. At present, Spectra Premium offers a wider range of products because they have bought out or partnered with other companies to increase their market share not only in OEM but also the aftermarket division of the automobile industry. Spectra Premium is committed to developing new ideas for growth such as listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1997, acquiring different aftermarket companies specializing in cooling and fuel system products from 1998-2000.

Now, Spectra Premium owns 17 plants and factories employing about 1,200 people that focus on enhancing their product offerings through advanced engineering practices and rigorous product validation activities. The commitment of this company towards quality is evidenced by many certifications such as ISO/TS-16949:2009; ISO 14001:2004; ISO9001:2008 etc. Also, its participation in CAPA Program as Full Participant affirms that it is dedicated to providing high-quality radiators worldwide which further enhances its brand image regarding excellence and trustworthiness. In future times, Spectra Premium sees further development of capacities and expansion into new product lines as well as relentless concentration on quality enhanced customer contentment policies.

Here at, we are your go-to source for high-quality auto parts, offering a wide selection of Spectra Premium parts from Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater to Diesel Emissions Fluid Injection Hose. Ready to refresh your car now? Just punch in your ride's details-year, make, model-into our vehicle selector and take advantage of our comprehensive catalog for Spectra Premium parts only. Plus, you can use our VIN lookup tool to get your vehicle's specifications and find the exact part you need. Choose to get your car back to peak performance at competitive prices and enjoy your shopping with the help of our experienced service team. With everything in stock and our dealers all over the country, you'll have your orders delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible!

Product Lines

Spectra Premium is an outstanding brand, in the auto parts trade with a comprehensive range of products. Spectra Premium ensures each component meets or exceeds OEM specifications by sticking to its commitment towards innovation and excellence backed by rigorous testing and certifications.

A/C Accumulator Driers To ensure A/C performance has been tested and certified driers.
A/C Compressors That have extensive vehicle coverage being high endurance compressors.
A/C Evaporators For best cooling are easily installed evaporators that are vehicle specific.
Cam and Crank Position Sensor Which bring about reliable motor operation cam and crank position sensors that are precision engineered.
Cam Shaft Synchronizers That come with full assembly solutions leading to improved accuracy and performance.
Charge Air Coolers For effective engine cooling, which have strong corrosion resistant coolers.
Classic Car Parts Authentic, high-quality parts for classic car restoration.
Complete Radiators There is a wide range of vehicles in this industry for comprehensive coverage as well as easy installation.
Condensers These condensers will be superior all makes and models designed ones.
Cooling Fan Assemblies Range OEM-spec fans for different vehicles.
Electrical and Mechanical Fuel Pumps Those guaranteed to serve diligently because they have been constructed using durable materials according to relevant tests mechanical fuel pumps including electrical pumps.
Electronic Throttle Bodies Assembly, reliability testing complete for real-world applications electronic throttle bodies.
Filler Necks Coverage includes both sides coated with two layers for additional protection filler necks.
Fuel Pump Assemblies These will give you accurate fuel delivery from state-of-the-art sensors fitted in them fuel pump assemblies that feature advanced sensor technology.
Fuel Pump Strainers They do not allow any contamination into the gasoline system therefore perfect filtration through fuel pump strainers.
Fuel Tank Assemblies This implies that these tanks can just be fixed without difficulties into any other vehicle requiring fuel tank assemblies.
Fuel Tanks Extensive range of corrosion resistant manufacture is used to make such tanks.
Heaters The heater was engineered using a CAD system to find the optimal configuration for the most efficient heating.
Heavy Duty Truck Radiators In fact, these are radiators that have been designed and made strong enough to withstand heavy-duty trucks.
Ignition Coils Extreme condition tested ignition coils as well as high performance ones which have good results will not be compromised.
Ignition Distributors To ensure complete combustion takes place in every firing cycle, motor units are therefore essential ignition distributors which deliver consistent spark throughout their usage period.
Mass Air Flow Sensors These sensors target at attaining maximum engine performance mass air flow sensors which are technologically advanced.
Oil Pans These pans were designed for perfect fit with no compromise on quality oil pans that were made in North America.
Oxygen Sensors That have been precision-tested as per vehicle requirements oxygen sensors.
Turbochargers You will benefit from this device since it optimizes power and efficiency turbo chargers of high quality.