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Replacement and OEM Parts for Chassis & Brakes
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Chassis & Brakes

The car chassis is an essential part. It is considered the foundation because it holds many other components. Most of the mechanical components are fixed to it. It supports them to make them stable and work well. Another important part is the brake system. It is one of the key parts that keep the vehicle running safely. The system works primarily by the driver depressing the brake pedal. Then the rotation is slowed down. This process can ensure that the vehicle stops timely.

About Chassis at AutoPartsPrime

The car chassis houses all the other parts of the vehicle, including the transmission, exhaust, tires, engine, steering, axles, etc. The part has different types. For example, there are the ladder, monocoque, backbone, space or tubular type, combined, etc. The body and car chassis compose a structural component. It is called a unit-body (or unibody) structure. In this structure, the steel body shell is strengthened with brackets to make it hard enough to resist the force exerted on it. Some vehicles use separate frames or partial "short" frames to achieve better noise isolation characteristics.
One of the most important parts of the car chassis is the suspension. It is a protective grid of shock-absorbing components such as springs and dampers. The suspension dampens road bumps and other dynamic shocks. Therefore, the part helps ensure a safe and smooth ride. The suspension also helps the tires stay in contact with the road by increasing tire friction. It is needed at the front and rear wheels of any four-wheel drive vehicle. But in a two-wheel drive type, there may be a very different configuration.
Chassis Frames

About Brakes at AutoPartsPrime

Most automobiles install brakes on the four wheels. There are two main types. They are disc and drum. When the brakes are applied, the weight of the automobile gathers in the front. Therefore, brakes in the front are more important than those in the rear. Many automobiles have disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. These two braking systems function the same way but work differently. A drum brake system consists of a master cylinder, wheel cylinders, multiple springs, retainers, and an adjusting mechanism. The main parts of a disc brake system include the master cylinder, caliper, rotor, etc.
Brakes would have some problems over time. The most common cause of failure is brake fluid leakage. The fluid drains slowly, so there is not enough to transfer pressure from the pedal to the tires. Brakes may malfunction when the discs or drums wear out, so they can no longer apply enough friction to stop. Another issue is that the pedal is hard to stop when it is depressed. If these conditions occur, make sure your automobile is inspected and serviced. You will also need to have your car inspected regularly during your daily drive.
Brakes Parts
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