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Replacement and OEM Parts for Engine & Drivetrain
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Engine & Drivetrain

The car engine is the key part of the vehicle. It is used to convert the heat generated by the combustion gases into energy to drive the car forward. The part is very firm since it needs to take a heavy workload. A car's drivetrain is also important. It consists of some components needed to transfer the energy to move the vehicle. When the engine is running, the part helps transfer power through the transmission.

About Engine at AutoPartsPrime

There are different kinds of engines. A gasoline car engine is to make the car move with gasoline. The way it works is to convert the gasoline into motion. The spark in it ignites the mixture of vapor and compressed air. When the mixture burns, it expands, so it can offer power to the car. The other type is the diesel one. With this engine, the diesel is injected into the cylinder. And then, the heat and pressure cause the fuel to ignite. Diesel has a higher energy density than the other, so it can get better mileage. Engines that use renewable or alternative fuels to start machines are employed as well. These parts include natural gas, propane, biodiesel, or ethanol. They can work with hybrid powertrains to improve fuel economy. They can also be used with plug-in hybrid systems.
The engine part is a solid structure consisting of a cylinder block and a cylinder head. The block is lower and heavier. It is the housing for the main moving parts. The head is a removable upper cover. It contains the valve control passages. The air and fuel mixture enters the cylinder through these passages. Three basic things can sometimes happen to the part: poor fuel mixture, lack of compression, or lack of spark.
Engine Parts

About Drivetrain at AutoPartsPrime

The work of the drivetrain part begins with the transmission. It controls the amount of power transferred from the engine to the wheels. To deliver force to where it needs to go, a tubular driveshaft connected to the transmission spins rapidly. And then the part transfers power to the rear differential. The rear differential distributes the power to the rear axle, and to the rear wheels thereafter. The part can be divided into a 4×4 and a 4×2 drivetrain. 4×4 drivetrain is that the vehicle can send torque to each wheel. 4×2 drivetrain means torque is transferred to only two wheels.
The drivetrain consists of several parts. They work together to make the system operate. These parts include the transmission, driveshaft, CV joints, etc. Some problems may happen. They include unusual noises, fluid leaks, vibrations, problem shifts, glowing "check engine" lights, etc. To keep the vehicle running longer and solve the problems, drivers need regular maintenance and inspections.
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