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Replacement and OEM Parts for Scion Alternator Bearings
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Scion Alternator Bearings

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Alternators, Batteries & Starters
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  • OEM (Genuine) Scion Bearings

    PartNumber: 90068-10033
    OEM Scion Bearings - 90068-10033
    Product Specifications
    • Other Names: Front Bearing
    • Item Dimensions: 13.3 x 11.6 x 2.0 inches
    • Item Weight: 0.80 Pounds
    • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
    • Replaces: 90099-10223
    • Part Description: Scion Bearings
    More Info
    $16.69 MSRP: $24.02
    You Save: $7.33 (31%)
  • National Generator Commutator End Bearing for Scion - 303-CC

    National® Generator Commutator End Bearing for Scion

    PartNumber: 303-CC
    Product Specifications
    • Type: A-5
    • Part Description: Scion Generator Commutator End Bearing

About Scion Alternator Bearings

Scion is a marque of the U.S. car maker Toyota. Scion's product line and the scarcity of cars were very popular, and they were sold out quickly. Classic alternator bearing parts contribute to its success. The Scion alternator bearing parts are important because they ensure that the rotor's shaft gets all the energy possible from the pulley. The transfer of energy is more sufficient when there is less friction. The Scion alternator bearing parts can go bad, and once they do, you will have dead batteries and broken alternators.
Whereas, the worn alternator bearing parts need to be repaired or replaced for better Scion performance. Alternator bearing parts are used to increase the durability of the alternator under high-speed rotations. Signs of bad Scion alternator bearing parts include whining, squeaking, and grinding. Our website has premium Scion parts and devices online. Prompt services are given to you with great hospitality.

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