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Diesel Emission Components

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Diesel Emission Components

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Emission Control & Exhaust
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8 products about Diesel Emission Components found

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  • Cardone Reman Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater
    Cardone Reman® Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater
    All DEF systems require heating elements to prevent DEF fluid from freezing at temperatures less than 12 degrees Fahrenheit. DEF Heating Pots are designed to quickly return DEF to liquid form, ensuring proper flow through the lines and pump unit. If your diesel vehicle is operating in limp mode, or is not operating at full power, a common culprit is a failed DEF heating element. CARDONE DEF Heater Pots include all necessary gaskets and O-rings needed for a complete replacement, and are quality tested to ensure trouble free installation, performance, and durability.
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    $177.28 - $826.02
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  • Dorman Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater
    Dorman® Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater
    The factory DEF Heater on a wide range of Ford Super Duty trucks often fails from fluid intrusion. This Dorman OE FIX solution modifies the OEM design to address this failure point and increase reliability.
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    $145.86 - $181.43
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  • Spectra Premium Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater
    Spectra Premium® Diesel Emissions Fluid Heater
    Spectra Premium diesel exhaust fluid heaters features a precisely calibrated heater and temperature sensor to ensure the DEF does not freeze during normal vehicle operation. Like this DEF heater also provides a reliable and accurate fluid level indicator to ensure the tank is not depleted of DEF, which can consequently illuminate the check engine light and limit the vehicle's operating speed. Heaters are validated by our in-house team of Canadian engineers ensuring it meets OE requirements.; Designed to OE fit, form and function; OE style connector for a plug & play installation; Fit and leak tested like this DEF tank to ensure the diesel exhaust fluid does not leak into the environment; Manufactured with high quality material for extended durability against highly corrosive diesel exhaust fluid; Rigorous ISO control quality process
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    $147.83 - $147.83
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  • Cardone Reman Diesel Emissions Fluid Pump
    Cardone Reman® Diesel Emissions Fluid Pump
    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a urea-based fluid designed to reduce NOx emissions. Because of increasingly stringent vehicle emissions standards, most new diesel vehicles require a DEF system to remain compliant. When servicing your DEF system, it's critical to use the correct pumping and handling equipment, otherwise you risk expensive catalyst or DEF injector failures. And because DEF contains urea, which can form crystals that creep through joints and seals of poorly-designed equipment, precise engineering is required when designing DEF pumps. CARDONE direct-fit, plug-and-play DEF pumps are a reliable and complete solution to a worn or malfunctioning factory unit.
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    $267.42 - $435.59
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  • Dorman OE Solutions™ Diesel Emissions Fluid Pump
    Dorman® OE Solutions™ Diesel Emissions Fluid Pump
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    $234.12 - $254.47
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  • Dorman OE Solutions™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank
    Dorman® OE Solutions™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank
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    $358.69 - $358.69
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  • WIX Urea Filter
    WIX® Urea Filter
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    $48.64 - $48.64
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